Sunday, November 9, 2014

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Information About Evicting Tenants In Travis County or Williamson County

So you have a residential investment property in the Austin, Texas area and unfortunately you have problem tenants that aren't paying their rent.  If you live in the Austin, Texas area and you have time, one can try to learn how to evict a tenant or you can hire a residential property manager to take care of this problem.  Of course, you could hire an attorney to evict the tenant, but who's going to help you take care of the house once you get rid of the problem tenants?

If you don't live near Austin and don't have the time to properly deliver notices and set up court dates, you should consider hiring a residential property manager to take care of tenant problems.  If the property is agreeable for us to manage, Austin Rent A Home can typically take care of problem tenants for less than $300.  Unfortunately, there are other fees involved in an eviction which typically involve the following:

- rekeying the locks  - approximately $82
- bring the house up to code for tenants - approximately $100
- painting
- carpet cleaning or replacement
- handyman work
- trash haul
- maid service
- turning on the utilities

Once the tenant is out and the property has been made ready, a property manager can help you find a qualified new tenant for the standard Realtor rates or better.

Austin Rent A Home provides the following services:

- advertises the property for rent
- lists the property on MLS and other web sources
- coordinates showings
- performs credit checks
- performs tenant history checks
- performs criminal history checks
- performs terrorist checks
- verifies income and employment
- creates a lease recognized by local Justices of the Peace and County Judges
- collects the rent
- performs property visits
- manages the property so you can enjoy life
- Austin Rent A Home does not own a handyman company so we will use your preferred contractors or hire contractors we have had great experiences with for the maintenance of your property

Management rates start at 6% of the monthly rental rate or $99 a month, whichever is less.

Austin Rent A Home prefers not to represent landlords with low income evictions for several reasons, but the most important reason is that these tenants can claim to be paupers and their hearings can lead to a hearing at the County level rather than only a Justice of the Peace.  In these cases, you will want to hire an attorney.

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